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Your Story

Our Story

LifeSong church was planted twelve years ago with the purpose of reaching the greater East Orlando community. The Table is a continuation of that growth. The Table is for the community…a place for people to gather, relax with a cup of delicious Duo 58 coffee, a place to learn or teach something new, meet with others, grow in our faith in Jesus and in community, a place to share in life’s celebrations.

Our story is now your story. You are the ones that will make up the pages, paragraphs, and chapters. We believe every story has deep and great value. We want to hear from you. More specifically we want to hear how The Table has become a part of YOUR STORY. What have you learned from someone you met with? How did the event you held or attended at The Table impact your life? We invite you to share your story below. (Either anonymously or not.)

We will review and share YOUR STORY on this page to keep the story growing. Did you take a picture? Email us that too! (Just make sure the picture is of you or your family, and they have given us permission to post it.)

We look forward to hearing from you, learning, growing and celebrating alongside you!